Harness 101 : Kitesurfing Edition

Whether it is as hot as a summer day or a bit windy, there will always be a good time to do some kitesurfing. In fact, since its creation between the 70s and the 80s, its popularity has continuously to rise and is practiced and performed throughout the world. According to website, the average kitesurfers are 1.7 million per year. How cool is that? Plus, it’s a good core workout since it exercises almost all of the body’s muscles from top to bottom. So, if you’re looking for a good place to do the sport, tripping.com suggested its top three places namely: Maui, Hawaii; Calamian Islands, Philippines; and Jupiter, Florida. But before anything else, what is kitesurfing really?

Also known as kiteboarding, kitesurfing requires great technique and control to be able to pull it off even if it is mentioned to be the easiest water sports. Basically, it is all about surfing amongst the waves and gliding through the wind while being equipped with a surfboard and a huge kite attached in a harness. But if one would judge quickly, they might say that the most important devices between the three is the first two. However, harnesses could be considered as the most important one among the bunch. Here’s why.

First off, harnesses are defined as gadgets that is used to strap around a person’s body. Even if there are tons of harnesses on the market, there are special ones that are for kiteboarding only. Meaning, its purpose is to be able to connect the kite to the surfer. Each of those have three parts: hook, loop, and harness. The hook, attached to the harness, is used to connect the body to kitesurf. The loop, on the other hand, is put on the hook that serves as the string to link to the kite. Lastly is the harness itself. But hold on a second. Harnesses come in all shapes and sizes.

The most popular are seat ones and waist ones. The first one is said to be beginner friendly. With straps to wrap around the legs, it is much safer to use. The latter one is much smaller, shaped like a diaper, but it usually utilized by professionals. Upon wearing the seat harness, the person will be putting the leg straps, sit on it, and be strapped to it. IT looks like one is wearing their own seat. On the other side, as per the name, the waist harness is wrapped around the waist. One thing to consider with it is that it should fit according to the waistline so it will be much better to use. Other types are vests and boardshorts.

Although it seems that you have the enough knowledge in purchasing your first kitesurf harness, always remember to think twice. First, make sure it is comfortable to use. You don’t want to be flying on air while feeling pain in certain areas. Make sure it is wore properly because if not, it may flew away from the body and that’s not okay. Lastly, be sure that it provides safety. The materials should be strong and not easily break to attain the best experience in kiteboarding.

Since online shopping is a thing, upon searching on Google, one brand that stands out for the product is Mac Kiteboarding. The website provides tons of choices from various colors, sizes, types, and other equipment for the water sport. The harness’ price starts from $279.99 which is not bad if you want an adorable, durable, and high quality one.

Unfortunately, not everyone is knowledgeable about this unsung equipment. In fact, there are numerous accidents and injuries that happen if safety was not observed. The most common ones are regarding the physical strains. If you are not use to extreme sports, it is suggested that you do intense workouts so that the body is use to the pain. In regards to having harness injuries, if the kite suddenly flew out from the loop in the hook in mid-air, the tendency will be you dropping hard on water, causing you to have bruises, wounds, or fractures.

In the end, safety is always the key. Whatever the sport may be, one should be aware of the environment and the equipment to be used. As for kiteboarding, it is indeed a daredevil sport. But with practice and dedication, you could ace every wave and every wind. Having a few devices, it is still important to make sure that everything works. And that includes the harnesses too.

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